What is the gusset bag?

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Speaking of organ bags, everyone may not understand what an organ bag is. In fact, an organ bag is still very common in our lives, but the name is different. It is a middle-sealed bag. For example, rice bags, tea bags, coffee bags, etc. in our lives.

The organ bag (middle-sealed bag) is formed by folding the two sides of the ordinary flat bag into the inner surface of the bag. The bag with the original oval opening is folded into a rectangular opening, because after folding, the sides on both sides of the bag look like The tuyere leaves, but it is closed, so this kind of bag is named the organ bag.

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So what are the advantages of this organ bag?

Everyone already knows that the organ bag (middle-sealed bag) has a flat pocket. That is to say, the style and shape of the organ bag are changed while the capacity is guaranteed. Therefore, the advantages of the organ bag are as follows:

  1. Reduced floor space. Fold the two sides of the original flat bag inward to reduce the exposure on both sides, thereby reducing the space occupied by the packaging bag.

  2. Beautiful packaging. The flat pocket has been revised, and the original oval opening of the bag has been changed to a rectangular shape, that is, saturated and full, which is close to a rectangular parallelepiped shape.

  3. The printing content is much richer than that of a flat bag. You can dye the body of the organ bag into more than ten colors such as red, blue, black, green, and yellow, and then print various exquisite patterns on it, such as: Color pictures, celebrity photos, company names, company logos, company addresses and telephone numbers, main products, etc., can all be printed, and a hand hole can be punched in the opening of the organ bag, so that the organ bag becomes a portable organ bag !
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