What is aluminum foil bag?

what is aluminium foil bag

For all questions about aluminum foil bags, you will find all answers in this article today. With the continuous development of bag production technology and the market demand, consumers are increasingly demanding aluminum foil bags. Therefore, we also constantly update production technology and production equipment and have obtained many successful orders. Professional manufacturer of aluminum film bags, wxtyler.

So next, let’s take a look at these aspects together:

● Definition and classification of aluminum foil pouches
● Application of foil bags
● The benefits of aluminum foil bag
● Additional features of foil bag

1.The common aluminum foil bag is laminated with multiple layers of film through an adhesive so that the bag can meet various packaging needs, the most common is the three-layer aluminum foil bag, consumers can according to their own needs, Choose various types of films.

The most common, aluminum foil bags are often used to store all kinds of food because aluminum foil can isolate sunlight, air, and moisture. This is where aluminum foil bags are better than ordinary plastics. However, this requires an excellent aluminum foil bag manufacturer, and the use of high-quality materials and good technology to achieve, wxtyler is indeed a good choice for you.

The aluminum foil bag is a customized product, but it is convenient for consumers to better understand our products. We classify the aluminum foil bag by storing the products.

The first type is packaging large-particle products, such as coffee and tea. This type of packaging requires a dry environment, the ability to open and close the bag repeatedly, and the ability to stand.

The second category is the storage of industrial products, this type of packaging requirements are lower.

The third category is to store liquid products, this type of packaging requires additional spout.

2.Our foil bags often have 2-4 layers, which have good barrier properties and good puncture resistance; and we also provide degradable bag materials, so our bags are environmentally friendly; We also provide customized appearance services; in addition, we can also increase the storage time of the product to facilitate the transportation of the product.

3. In order to meet the needs of customization, we also provide many additional functions to facilitate consumers to choose. For example :

❶ rounded corners
❷ zipper that can be opened
❸ repeatedly
❹ tear notch
❺ spout
❻ exhaust valve
❼ pouch hole
❽ zipper

In fact, customizing aluminum film bags is not that complicated. Contact us and tell me the products you need to pack. Our professional team members will give you the most suitable suggestions.