What do you need to know about food packaging bags?

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Food packaging bags are used to package a variety of food bags, its quality directly affects the quality of food, quality food packaging bags not only have strict production requirements, and the requirements of the material. In today’s food safety that we all pay so much attention to, food packaging has become particularly important. Today we are here to tell you to pay attention to when buying food packaging bags.

1. Dimensional requirements

No matter what the bag is, each food is different, the size is different, the weight of each package is also different, so we have to determine the weight of the packaged products, size, and size, so that we can produce a satisfactory product.

2. What are the requirements for the material of the bag

  • Matte opp/kraft/vmpet/pe laminated bag (suitable for coffee)
  • Matte Opp20 / Aluminized 9 / Pe80 (suitable for tea leaves)
  • PET/NY/AL/PE, PET/AL/PET/PE (suitable for pet food)

Or what is your product, what do you want this packaging bag to play a role. For example, if the product is pizza type, we need packaging material that can be suitable for freezing; for tea bags, we need material that can resist moisture; rice bags, which can be vacuumed and moisture resistant.

Each material is different in price and quality, so you need to choose the product of your choice depending on its positioning.

3. What are the bag shapes of food packaging bags

Food bag packaging bag shape: flat bottom bags, four side seal bags, eight side seal, stand-up bags, one-piece bags, back seal bags, etc.

4. Whether you need to print LOG as well as patterns, product descriptions, etc.

Several colors and the ease of typography will also play into the final price.

These are what customers need to know before the production of food packaging bags, to understand these to design and produce their own satisfactory products.

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