What do I need to pay attention to when ordering liquid packaging?

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Liquid packaging bags, with its strong barrier, good fragrance, impermeable, impermeable to moisture, impermeable to taste, impermeable to solvents, easy to carry, in the process of transportation and collection does not produce extrusion, impact, not broken when dropped and other characteristics, recognized and widely used, often used in the packaging of dairy products, beer packaging, etc., so what needs to be noted when ordering liquid packaging?

Liquid packaging bags, in use because of the different contents, the required materials to meet the performance is also different, general requirements: to prevent oxidation and deterioration, good barrier, good mechanical strength, high burst strength, good heat sealing, etc.. Some have their special requirements, such as: resistance to oil, spicy oil, chemical resistance, etc. Specifically, when ordering liquid packaging, the following points should be noted.

Liquids containing vegetable oil should not use PE film as inner layer material

Although the breathability of PE preservation film is good. However, PE (polyethylene) film will quickly penetrate, swell and change color after contacting vegetable oil, such as packaging food containing vegetable oil, which will not only shorten the shelf life of food, but also be harmful to human health.

PE film coextruded film with more than five layers of coextrusion is used for dairy packaging

Coextruded PE (polyethylene) plastic film packaging, popular in the market are milk packaging, dairy packaging, soy sauce, vinegar packaging, etc.. However, if a three-layer co-extruded plastic film is used, the shelf life indicated on the package can rarely be reached due to the lack of barrier layer. Therefore, it is safer to use five or more layers of co-extruded film with barrier materials for the sake of beverage hygiene and safety.

Vacuum aluminized film cannot replace metal foil in plastic flexible packaging

Because metal calendered aluminum foil has a shiny metallic luster, non-toxic, tasteless, excellent shading, reflectivity of up to 95%, high and low temperature stability, no shrinkage and deformation; good barrier, gas, oxygen, moisture, fragrance, is an excellent choice for the middle layer of high-grade packaging substrate. And the aluminized film gas barrier, oxygen barrier mainly relies on the aluminized film substrate film itself, rather than the aluminized layer, the aluminized layer only plays a decorative role. Far from the good barrier performance of calendered aluminum foil. Therefore, the vacuum aluminized film made with the above-mentioned substrate can not be used for vacuum packaging.

According to the different characteristics of their own contents, order their own liquid packaging bags, you can choose suction mouth bags, stand-up bags, double sets of bags, etc. For more needs, please consult us!

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