What are the advantages of excellent mask packaging bags

Mask packaging bag sample

In the special year of 2020, the global epidemic has made masks in short supply. Driven by the sales of masks, the demand for mask packaging bags is also increasing day by day. At present, we must not only guarantee hygiene for mask packaging bags. Hygiene and safety, people’s aesthetic requirements for mask packaging are constantly escalating. The quality of the packaging bag and the beauty of the packaging bag also make our mask products more popular. So, what are the characteristics of high-quality mask packaging bags?

  1. Protect the product

A high-quality mask packaging bag can guarantee the various technical properties required by the mask: such as corresponding air permeability, chemical stability, physical and mechanical properties, airtightness (measured with a sealing tester), shading, and hygiene and safety.

  1. The adaptability of the production process

It can meet the requirements of packaging mechanization and automatic production process: the operation performance of processes such as material sterilization, forming, and sealing, to ensure production efficiency and packaging quality.

mask bag 1
  1. Promote sales

With good sales appearance and printing adaptability, it helps to increase the value of masks, making them attractive and competitive in the market.

  1. Hygiene and safety

There should not be any adverse effects on the masks, including any odor and pollution of harmful ingredients, to ensure the hygienic safety of the masks; at the same time, including making consumers feel safe and hygienic.