Trend of Environmental Protection—Paper Plastic Bag

Paper plastic bag 1

With the sudden outbreak of 2020, domestic and foreign countries are paying more attention to environmental protection. The global packaging development trend is green and environmental protection, so when it comes to packaging, we first consider degradation. Paper-plastic bags are one of the most popular environmental packaging materials in the world. Today we will give you an analysis of paper-plastic bags. The material of the paper-plastic bag can be selected:

Eco-friendly cotton paper
Silk fiber paper
Yunlong paper
Xuan paper
Hemp paper
Color silk paper
Other plant-based special papers and environmentally-friendly fully biodegradable film (PLA).

This type of bag can be used for packaging food, tea, medicine, electronics, clothing, cosmetics, etc.
Conventional thickness range: 0.08mm- 0.15mm
Temperature range: -50°~120°

Different forms and specifications of packaging bags can be made according to customer requirements. The products are tested by GB and ASTM standards and meet the strict environmental protection standards of the European Union and North America for packaging materials.


  1. The paper-plastic bag is non-toxic, tasteless, and non-polluting, and has good waterproof, moisture-proof, and shading functions.
  2. High strength, high environmental protection, good heat-sealability, and firm sealing.
  3. The good oxygen barrier and puncture resistance, and can be stored at low temperature for a long time.