Transparent window packaging bags make your products even better!

Transparent window packaging bags 1

A window-opening packaging bag refers to opening a window on the package and sealing it with a transparent film to show the best part of the product. This design form can make consumers see the product’s window packaging bag at a glance, and can also reflect the confidence of the product itself, which is not only beautiful, but also invisibly increases the number of products in the minds of buyers.

Transparent window packaging can let consumers know more about the specific situation and help consumers make a decision whether or not to buy. A product with a higher “value” in itself has a more competitive advantage.

The transparent window packaging bag does not directly punch a hole in the packaging bag and then fill it with a transparent plastic film, but has its special technology and advantages.


From a production point of view, opening windows is also a cost-saving method. We all know that window packaging bags are also to be printed. However, compared with full-page printing, the larger the window, the more printing ink can be saved.

From a design point of view, the window packaging bag is not limited to a certain area or a certain pattern. If used properly, it will produce some unexpected effects, which will help increase consumer goodwill and consumer desire.

window bags 2

From a practical point of view, the window packaging bag can more intuitively display the product itself and increase the selling point. Consumers can see what kind of products they want at a glance, saving some tedious steps and indirectly eliminating consumers’ worries about products.

Of course, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration if a business wants to use a transparent window packaging bag. For example, it may seem messy to fill up. Imagine that if you see piles of broken potato chips from the transparent window of the outer package, then window bags are not suitable.

bags with window 3