The Use & Characteristics of Oven Bags

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As a custom manufacturer of oven bags, the following is a brief analysis of the usage and characteristics of oven bags.

  1. after putting the food into the bag, it can be used directly in the oven or microwave oven, and is resistant to high temperatures.
  2. baking in oven bags can make meat brown and tender without greasing.
  3. using the oven bag for baking, the food’s own sauce will not be dried out to ensure juicy, original flavor of the meat
  4. locking in moisture and nutrients, the first choice for healthy cooking of poultry, lamb, beef and vegetables.
  5. prevent grease splatter, keep the oven clean, no need to clean.
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Baking Instructions.

  1. preheat the oven to the desired temperature (no more than 200°C).
  2. mix roast, vegetables and seasonings together, place in the oven and shake gently to cover the food evenly with the seasonings.
  3. leave enough space inside the bag to prevent expansion of the heated air and tie the top of the bag with a nylon tie.
  4. cut 6 slits about 62.5px long at the mouth of the bag to allow for ventilation, and place in the oven.
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Oven bag mechanical folding is safer and more hygienic, and the production efficiency is also high. Welcome all the demand customers of oven bag to consult.

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