Poly Bags on Rolls
Sealed, perforated, convenient poly bags.
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Poly Bags on Rolls have many applications in daily life

Poly Bags on Rolls is used in a roll state by sealing the sides and bottom of the poly bag. It is very convenient and quick to tear off the bag when using it.


● Box Liners

● Meat & Poultry

● Food Bags

● Bread/Bakery

● Parts Bags

● Tote Liners

Sizes & Specs

Range of SizesThickness
3''x5'' to 120''x240''.75-6 mil (.00075-.006)

Not sure how to choose the right size? Contact us to get right size.

Customizable Materials

Available Colors: Any shade of red, white, green, blue, black, yellow, and more.


Linear Low-Density Polyethylene: Durable, high-strength, impact & puncture resistant, less clarity.

Applications: Food, medical, industrial packaging.


Low-Density Polyethylene:Tough, flexible, good clarity, moisture resistant.

Applications: Food, medical, industrial packaging.


High-Density Polyethylene: Lightweight, strong, less clarity, non-abrasive.

Applications: Metal or plastic parts packaging where scratch protection is important.


Thin, strong, high clarity.

Applications: Freezer or cold-storage bags, bread or bakery bags.


Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate: Elastic, tacky, tough, puncture-resistant, better seals.

Applications: Frozen foods, ice, granules, powders, batch-inclusion or low-melt processes.


Ultra Violet Inhibitor: UV ray protection.

Applications: Protects susceptible products from degradation or discoloration from the sun's rays.


Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor: Moisture resistant, rust-free protection, low density.

Applications: Metal Parts