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• Ultimate packaging solutions for your custom-engineered and consumer-friendly Mylar Bags with a wide array of finishing options and laminated structures.

• 24/7 after-sales service to stand by you.

• Constant quality audits to safeguard consistent and reliable product quality.

• Committed to Quality, ISO9001 Certified.

• Economical Solutions, Flexible to Suit Your Industries.

• Food-Grade Material, FDA & BRC Approved.


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The personalized customization of plastic film is selected and determined from many aspects from the selection of materials, the determination of the number of layers, and the application of composite methods.So, please use your imagination as much as possible, we have the ability to realize your ideas and help you complete your project.

Plastic film is the core product of our company, and there are multiple production lines that can produce different types of plastic film. And it restores the color and appearance very well.

Because the equipment is sufficient, our production capacity is also very strong, we can quickly complete the order quantity requirements, and can well complete the customer’s time requirements for the project.

1. Which type plastic film you can order ?

custom solution 1

Custom solution

Stationery plastic film 23


furniture and decorative surfacnce plastic films 2

Furniture and decorative surfaces

films for coatings plastic 13

Films for coatings

Packaging films 24


building and construction films 12

Building and construction

automative plastic films 45


lightweight composites films 35

Lightweight composites

2. How about the textured vacuum film?

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Textured vacuum film is a new product developed by us, and it is also deeply loved by the market. The color of this plastic film is transparent, which can show the state of the packaged product very well, and quickly isolate the air, which greatly extends the shelf life of the product.

At present, vacuum plastic film is mainly used for packaging fresh vegetables and meat products.

3. How about the laminations plastic films?

Laminations plastic films can make your products more attractive to consumers, but at the same time, they can better protect your products. Therefore, our Laminations plastic films have many great features.

Such as the ability to block oxygen and water vapor. , Ultraviolet light, etc., at the same time, it is strong and tough, not easy to be damaged, heat-sealing is also great, and has a low friction coefficient, stable chemical properties, and not easy to chemical reactions.

At the same time, we also provide customization in a variety of shapes to meet the packaging needs of different products.

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4. Which countries and regions are our bags sold ?

Our foil bags have been sold to more than 60 countries, with an annual turnover of more than 1 million U.S. dollars.

For example Poland, Belgium, Russia, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Egypt, Iran, Libya, Jordan, UAE, Ethiopia, Albania, Indonesia, Vietnam, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, South Africa, etc.Customers are very satisfied with our bags, and many customers have reached long-term cooperation agreements with us. Wxtyler has always been committed to becoming an excellent supplier and excellent partner. We hope that more people can enjoy our excellent products.

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5. Our factory production show !

After years of development, wxtyler already has multiple production lines, including two biodegradable production lines, degradation testing laboratories, and other professional laboratories. And we have a wealth of customization experience, able to meet your unique customization requirements. And, we are committed to becoming everyone’s partner, so we provide free sample service and a very Low MOQ.

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