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1. What is 100% biodegradable bag ?

Biodegradable Bags are bags that are capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms.

100% Biodegradable Bags are bags that bags can be 100% biodegraded into carbon dioxide and water, without any harm to nature.

Really biodegradable materials must be compostable.
Our biodegradation is a material that can be completely converted into carbon dioxide and water within 180 days through the action of microorganisms under composting conditions.
Our raw materials come from crops such as corn, cassava, and cane sugar. It can be 100% biodegradable in the composting environment, realizing the ecological carbon cycle originated from and attributed to nature, and there is no “white pollution”.


Pollution, the cleanest bag!

Biodegradable plastic bags are environmentally friendly bags. During the entire degradation process, the plastic bags will eventually become carbon dioxide and water without any other chemical substances. But it should be noted that this is to meet certain conditions.

The entire composting process is relatively simple. At present, there are many garbage disposal companies that provide composting services, which is very convenient.

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Biodegradation is currently the cleanest method of degradation.

After the plastic bag is degraded, it will only produce carbon dioxide and water. It will not pollute nature at all.

With the current increasing environmental damage, we should take action. Governments of various countries are also accelerating the establishment of environmental protection laws and regulations. Using wxtyler’s degradable bags can be purchased to meet the environmental regulations of various countries. It can contribute to the protection of the environment.


pure natural raw materials!

● PLA+PBAT+Straw starch/corn starch/potato starch


● PLA+Kraft paper

At present, we provide three options, taking into account the needs and costs of users. We hope to make the most cost-effective products, not the most expensive products, so that everyone can use environmental protection bags to protect our planet together.

Choose wxtyler custom-made degradable plastic bags, you can flexibly adjust the ratio of degradable materials according to your needs, and adjust the properties of the plastic bag, such as softness, tear resistance, etc.

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PLA coating + kraft paper

Biodegradable kraft paper packaging bag, instead of traditional composite kraft paper


In addition to being biodegradable, products made of polylactic acid have good biocompatibility, gloss, transparency, hand feel and heat resistance, as well as certain bacteria resistance, flame retardancy and UV resistance. Can be used for: flat bags, self-adhesive bags, middle-sealing bags, and card-head bags.


Polylactic acid is combined with biodegradable bio-based materials to re-granulate and blown into translucent off-white film. Good tensile strength and ductility, the bag is very strong regardless of whether it is stretched horizontally or longitudinally. It can be used to make sealed bags, zipper bags, handbags, postal bags, etc.
  • Material PLA is made of crops such as corn, corn, cassava, sucrose, etc. The proposed starch raw material is made
  • PBAT is a petroleum-based compostable material, derived from petroleum,
  • Kraft paper is a kind of pulp, extracted from plants.
  • Starch is extracted from edible plants.
  • They are all biodegradable materials, which are mainly extracted from organisms.

2. Which fields are biodegradable bags used ?

eco shopping bags case 24

Shopping Bag

post eco bags case 21

Courier Bag

Zipper degradation bag case 23

Zipper Clothing Bag

kraft paper eco pouches case 8

Kraft Paper Bag

Pet poop bag case 6

Pet Changing Pad Bag

pet rubbish bags case 19

Pet Poop Bag

flat biodegradable bags case 33

Flat Mouth Garbage Bag

eco Garbage bag with handle case 15

Handle Garbage Bag

Drawstring trash bag case 1

Drawstring Garbage Bag

Advantages of our products!

In the daily testing of packaging bags, we often comprehensively consider the performance of biodegradable bags from the following three points. Our plastic bags need to meet the daily use requirements; then, they can be used normally.

And our products have passed the test very well, can meet all daily needs, be degraded, without any pollution to the environment, and are a very good substitute for traditional plastic bags.

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● Tenacity

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● Tightness

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● Load-bearing

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3. How long can it be complete degradation ?

Minimum time required for complete degradation: 
only 6 months under the correct degradation method

Biodegradable materials are biological raw materials modified by mixing PLA and PBAT, which can be digested by various microorganisms. It can be completely decomposed by microorganisms in a composting environment for about 6 months without causing any pollution to the environment.

4. Which certificates are we have ?

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Wxtyler offers various product grades that meet the following, international and national standards and regulations for industrial composting.

● European standard EN 13432

● Home composting

● European standard EN 13432  Australian standard AS 4736

Due to the special chemical structure, microorganisms need to be degraded in a specific environment. These need to be certified and verified by a professional organization. We have obtained these certifications, which prove that our products are excellent biodegradable products.

6802 USA Standard Food Safety Test Report_1
6802 USA Standard Food Safety Test Report_2
6802 USA Standard Food Safety Test Report_3
6802 USA Standard Food Safety Test Report_4
6802 EU degradable compost certification(OK COMPOST)_1
6802 TÜV Rheinland fully degradable compost certification_1

5. Which countries and regions are our bags sold ?

Our biodegradable bags have been sold to more than 60 countries, with an annual turnover of more than 1 million U.S. dollars.

For example Poland, Belgium, Russia, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Egypt, Iran, Libya, Jordan, UAE, Ethiopia, Albania, Indonesia, Vietnam, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, South Africa, etc.Customers are very satisfied with our bags, and many customers have reached long-term cooperation agreements with us. Wxtyler has always been committed to becoming an excellent supplier and excellent partner. We hope that more people can enjoy our excellent products.

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6. Our factory production show !

After years of development, wxtyler already has multiple production lines, including two biodegradable production lines, degradation testing laboratories, and other professional laboratories. And we have a wealth of customization experience, able to meet your unique customization requirements. And, we are committed to becoming everyone’s partner, so we provide free sample service and a very Low MOQ.

Wxtyler has been engaged in the production of plastic bags since 2007. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of environmental protection awareness, we have also followed the changes in the market.

In 2015, we took the lead in developing the environmental protection bag production line. At present, we have very rich experience in the production of environmental protection bags.

We also hope to promote the progress of environmental protection. Therefore, we attract more customers with preferential prices and excellent quality. We hope that more people can use environmental protection bags to protect our environment.

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Your service is in place. Thank you Mia for your excellent service. She always told me in time that I have received your bags and the quality is great. I think I will always order from you.