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• Ultimate packaging solutions for your custom-engineered and consumer-friendly Mylar Bags with a wide array of finishing options and laminated structures.

• 24/7 after-sales service to stand by you.

• Constant quality audits to safeguard consistent and reliable product quality.

• Committed to Quality, ISO9001 Certified.

• Economical Solutions, Flexible to Suit Your Industries.

• Food-Grade Material, FDA & BRC Approved.


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1. Which type poly bags you can order ?

The poly bags here are of high quality and no minimum order quantity. We hope to support you and complete your project better. Use better raw materials to make more sturdy poly bags, design the most suitable functions for you, and use the fastest speed, such as shipping within 2-4 weeks. Our only goal is to get your satisfaction.
So, let’s take a look at what kind of poly pouches you can customize:

We adopt the sales model of customized poly bags. At present, we have 8 options, Such as:Flat、Gusseted、Bottom Seal、Side Weld. But in fact, you can still tell us your packaging needs, and we can make samples of packaging bags that best suit you according to your products.

2. Guidance on your customized poly bags

Guide Of Poly Bags

Layflat Range:3″ – 120″

Thickness / Gauge:.75 – 6 mil (.00075 – .006)

Layflat Range:4″ – 120″

Thickness / Gauge:.75 – 6 mil (.00075 – .006)

Layflat Range:3″ – 52″

Thickness / Gauge:.75 – 4 mil (.00075 – .004)

Layflat Range:4″ – 120″

Thickness / Gauge:.75 – 6 mil (.00075 – .006)

Layflat Range:4″ – 28″

Thickness / Gauge:.75 – 3 mil (.00075 – .004)

Layflat Range:4″ – 28″

Thickness / Gauge:.75 – 3 mil (.00075 – .004)

(Dear friends, please note that the guide here is just a simple guide for the content of custom packaging bags. If you have more questions about the product or any need for help, please send us a message immediately and let us know, and then we will give you the help you need as soon as possible.)

3. Which countries and regions are our bags sold ?

Our foil bags have been sold to more than 60 countries, with an annual turnover of more than 1 million U.S. dollars.

For example Poland, Belgium, Russia, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Egypt, Iran, Libya, Jordan, UAE, Ethiopia, Albania, Indonesia, Vietnam, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, South Africa, etc.Customers are very satisfied with our bags, and many customers have reached long-term cooperation agreements with us. Wxtyler has always been committed to becoming an excellent supplier and excellent partner. We hope that more people can enjoy our excellent products.

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5. Our factory production show !

After years of development, wxtyler already has multiple production lines, including two biodegradable production lines, degradation testing laboratories, and other professional laboratories. And we have a wealth of customization experience, able to meet your unique customization requirements. And, we are committed to becoming everyone’s partner, so we provide free sample service and a very Low MOQ.

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