Performance and classification of composite packaging bags

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Composite packaging bag

A variety of different characteristics of materials compounded together to improve the packaging material permeability, moisture permeability, oil resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, so that it plays insect, dust, anti-microbial, light, incense, odor and other odor isolation, as well as heat, cold, impact resistance with better mechanical strength and processing applicable performance, and good printing and decorative effects.

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Classification by the form of packaging:

three-side seal, yin and yang bags, medium seal, pillow bags, five side seal bags, eight side seal bags, stand-up pouches, zipper bags, straw bags, rolls, covers, etc.

Classified by function:

high yin diaphragm bags, boiling film bags, anti-static film bags, anti-bacterial film bags, anti-fog film bags, vacuum bags, anti-chemical film bags, de-oxygenation packaging film bags, gas packaging film bags, etc.

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Classified by material:

laser aluminized film compound paper material, laser transfer paper material , paper composite material, aluminum composite material, plastic composite material, fabric composite material, etc.