Let’s have a cup of milk tea this winter!

On such a cold day, we ordered a few cups of milk tea on the takeaway app, and soon the takeaway boy delivered it to us, and the exquisite PE double cup organ milk tea bags were filled with delicious milk tea for us.

PE double cup organ milk tea bag is mainly made of LLDPE+LDPE polyethylene material, which is fully biodegradable and widely used in beverage packaging, gift packaging, food packaging, daily necessities packaging, jewelry packaging, tea packaging, general packaging, beauty and daily chemical packaging, etc. The product has the following characteristics.

  1. Light degradation. The product can be degraded under the action of ultraviolet light, the residue is mostly inorganic powder.
  2. Incinerable. The product can be incinerated, the residue is inorganic powder, no oil gel and also toxic gas.
  3. Thermal oxygen degradation. Products in the case of soil burial or not in contact with the light source, still can be degraded through the role of thermal oxygen.
  4. Biodegradable bags, no pollution to the ecology of nature, green and healthy.
  5. Resistant to stretching, good toughness, good weight-bearing, not easy to break.