How to Customize Degradable Packaging Bags?

How to Customize Degradable Packaging Bags

Usually, when shopping in a mall or supermarket, the shelves are filled with beautifully Packaged clothing, clothing, textiles, and other products. It can be seen that Degradable Packaging Bags have been widely used, but most people know nothing about how to customize Degradable Packaging Bags. So what are the custom processes for degradable bags? Let us know .from 5points:

● As we all know, customized Degradable Packaging Bags are a mass production process. This is very different from personal customization. This requires a deposit. Therefore, Purchasers usually need to pay a 30%-50% deposit in advance, so that the factory will take orders to produce.

● The customization of Degradable Packaging Bags involves tailor-made, usually, there are certain standards before choosing. The specifications of custom degradable bags, whether it is necessary to add a distinctive LOGO, what are the requirements for the selected raw materials, and what is the self-identification of the thickness, are all bag customized manufacturers should consider when customizing each degradable bag Things, this is what every factory needs to know.

● The customized Degradable Packaging Bags and off-the-shelf Bags are different, which the test products should be produced in advance. Customization is usually not easy to do at one time. With several changes, so did the custom-made Degradable Packaging Bags. Everyone has a different understanding of text patterns, and naturally, they have different regulations. Therefore, for customized products, manufacturers who produce biodegradable bags usually give priority to production and manufacturing. Only after the sample is approved by the custom manufacturer can it be tracked. In the process of processing, the factory also serves as a reference, so as not to produce products that do not satisfy customers.

● As a promotion tool, It is important for printing beautiful and eye-catching advertising slogans on exquisite Packaging Bags. In this process, the manufacturer will typeset, according to the design provided by the purchaser to achieve an expected style. It is possible to rationalize the layout design on the Packaging bag by sending the sample. After the customer confirms, samples can be made.

● The commonly used printing technologies for Biodegradable Bags include offset printing and copper plate printing, which should be selected according to the color of the printed content or the required style. The price of offset printing is relatively lower than copperplate printing but not as fine as copperplate printing. After the printing is completed, the heat-sealing layer is compounded with other functional film layers and needs to be cured after the compounding is completed. After the compounding is completed, check the compounding conditions, mark the defective parts, and then cut and rewind the tape. Cut and rewind the rolled film and place it on the corresponding bag-making machine to make bags.

The above explained is the custom-made method of biodegradable garment bags, I hope it will be helpful to you after reading it. If you want to consult, we will wholeheartedly provide you with quality service!