How does the packaging of coffee maintain the flavor of coffee beans

Mask packaging bag sample 3


The roasting of coffee takes time to release the flavor of coffee. After roasting, it is necessary to ensure that consumers can feel the flavor of coffee while drinking.

This is where the packaging comes into play. By using the right packaging materials, the aroma of coffee can be preserved for a long enough time so that consumers can experience the flavor released by roasting.

In many studies, the aluminum polymer film of the inner layer of the coffee packaging bag in the multi-layer packaging can help the coffee aroma to be preserved for a long enough time. After you choose the right packaging, the next step is filling and sealing. If the coffee packaging is improperly sealed, it will cause oxidation and accelerate the loss of flavor.

There are several common sealing methods for coffee packaging: “manual sealing, automatic sealing, direct heat sealing, pulsation sealing, vacuum sealing, etc.”

2. Seal mouth

A one-way exhaust valve is also needed on the packaging bag. The one-way exhaust valve can be placed on almost any coffee packaging bag without compromising the existing packaging airtightness. The one-way exhaust valve can exhaust the carbon dioxide in the package without letting oxygen enter the package.

This prevents the rapid loss of coffee aroma.Internal one-way exhaust valve , internal aluminum foil layer

Therefore, effective coffee packaging can better deliver the flavor of coffee to consumers.