Difference between aluminium foil bags and aluminized yin and yang bags

Yin and Yang bags may not be very familiar to many customers, here I will give you an introduction. Yin Yang bag is different from the general vacuum bag, aluminum foil bags and aluminum-plated bags. He is the production of two kinds of vacuum bags, one side is a vacuum bag, the other side is aluminum foil bags or aluminized bags. The yin and yang bags we often see in the market, businesses will be used to package food, one side is a transparent vacuum bag allows customers to clearly see the product inside. One side is translucent or opaque so that people cannot see the whole inside to retain some mystery.

The difference between aluminium foil yin and yang bags and aluminium plated yin and yang bags is first of all the difference in price, the price of aluminium foil yin and yang bags is more expensive than aluminium plated yin and yang bags.

Aluminum foil bags in the aluminum foil is made of three layers of material, aluminum-plated yin and yang bags in the side of the aluminum-plated bag is a two-layer material composite. The thickness of both products can be chosen by the customer, from 0.08-0.2 silk for aluminium foil bags and from 0.08-0.12 silk for aluminised yin and yang bags.