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Compostable biodegradable materials banner 1

Compostable biodegradable materials

Compostable materials are widely recognized in the relevant sectors in Europe and the United States.For example, in California, New York State, Seattle, and San Francisco, compostable materials have been an important way to successfully implement zero-waste programs.

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The key to material selection

We all know that the function of the bag is to protect the quality of the packaged goods, that is to say, so that the goods in the transportation and sales of the entire circulation process, through different links, in different environments, are not damaged, leakage and deterioration.

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Which product areas are the main application of self-supporting spout bags 1

Which the main application of spout bags?

Speaking of self-supporting spout bags, I believe everyone is relatively unfamiliar. In fact, this kind of packaging is hidden beside us. In our daily life, laundry detergent and cosmetics displayed in supermarkets will find this kind of packaging bag, for everyone to see this more vividly.

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Transparent window packaging bags 1

Transparent window packaging bags make your products even better!

A window-opening packaging bag refers to opening a window on the package and sealing it with a transparent film to show the best part of the product. This design form can make consumers see the product’s window packaging bag at a glance, and can also reflect the confidence of the product itself, which is not only beautiful, but also invisibly increases the number of products in the minds of buyers.

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foil bags article 3

What is the difference between aluminum foil bag and composite bag?

The aluminum foil bag refers to a type of composite bag containing aluminum foil in the composite bag. The aluminum foil bag must be opaque, but the composite bag is not necessarily. The sealing machine uses aluminum and other high barrier materials to dry composite according to the unique properties of aluminum. Products into aluminum foil bags.

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bag gusset supplier 5

What is the gusset bag?

Speaking of organ bags, everyone may not understand what an organ bag is. In fact, an organ bag is still very common in our lives, but the name is different. It is a middle-sealed bag. For example, rice bags, tea bags, coffee bags, etc. in our lives.

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How to Customize Degradable Packaging Bags

How to Customize Degradable Packaging Bags?

when shopping in a mall or supermarket, the shelves are filled with beautifully Packaged clothing, clothing, textiles, and other products. It can be seen that Degradable Packaging Bags have been widely used, but most people know nothing about how to customize Degradable Packaging Bags.

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what is biodegradable bags

What is biodegradable bags?

Biodegradable plastics can be converted into water, carbon dioxide (CO2), and bio-mass over time with the help of micro-organisms — this process is called biodegradation.

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