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Good-looking Packaging Is Trendy.

With the development and integration of cultures, consumers are becoming younger and younger, they are more inclined to trendy packaging, and the market is increasingly demanding trendy packaging.

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What Are The Sterilization Requirements For Medical Pouches?

Medical pouches are composed of paper + plastic composite film, used for the packaging of medical devices to be sterilized, belonging to the initial inner packaging of the product, the paper side of the pouch generally needs to be printed with information about the manufacturer or product of the medical device.

Let’s have a cup of milk tea this winter!

On such a cold day, we ordered a few cups of milk tea on the takeaway app, and soon the takeaway boy delivered it to us, and the exquisite PE double cup organ milk tea bags were filled with delicious milk tea for us.

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The vividness of color water-based ink printing food packaging bags

When it comes to the printing of food packaging bags, the first thing that comes to mind is definitely “safety”, if the bags used to package food and medicine can not guarantee the safety, but will be safe food contamination, which is unacceptable to us.

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What Is Oven Bags?

The need for oven bags is inevitable in everyday life, and as living standards improve, so does awareness of health and safety.